FS: Intel 7i3BNK NUC 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD [SOLD]

7i3nuc bought 2 years ago. Has 2x4GB hypex ram and 256GB Samsung evo 850 ssd. Had numerous uses in the period, it’s been perfectly happily running linux as a Roon Bridge, Emby & Roon server or just running ROCK.

Now surplus to requirements and time to move on. Happily put ROCK on it if you wish, currently running linux desktop OS.

£200ono inc postage.

Don’t suppose you’d ship to USA?

Let me find the cost of shipping to the USA.

@Peter_Rustin. I didn’t have a US zip code so used a Canadian one instead. That gave the cheapest with £200 insurance at £40 or £32 without insurance for 3 to 4 days delivery. 2 day delivery adds and extra £5. So add that on to the price as its outside UK or Europe and I will happily send it to you, assuming the rates are the same or close enough to the US. Any duties or taxes would of course be yours.


Paul, thanks. I’m going to see if moving my music will help. Does the core need to be physically near my music source?



Nope core can be anywhere. Mines in the basement out the way along with a NAS to store the music on. All just need to be on the same network segment that’s all

Does your unit need a different power adapter for Usa? Also, q: if core now running well on iMac with external hdd, what am I gaining by nuc? Thanks again. Still a noob.

Zip is 90017 btw.


Don’t doubt core will run on an iMac, but what you would get with a NUC for a core is a low powered dedicated core running nothing but Roon, with attached external hdd for music, which can be anywhere in the house. It separates out the server & storage from the end point (the thing that actually produces the music you hear). The advantage being the end point can be a very small low powered device away from any major sources of noise or other signal degradation which tend to proliferate in computers running a Roon core which are multifunctional, especially desktop machines being used for other things at the same time.

End points can be be simple things like a raspberry pi or it can be built into to other high end devices such as amps or av receivers etc.

This is the perceived wisdom here on the forums and it also tends to be recommended by Roon themselves as the way to go. I too found it is the best solution for me and still do, just with different hardware now. Whether you notice a difference or not, depends on your equipment, your ears and the resolution of the music you listen to. The only way to find out for yourself is to try it and see. If it doesn’t show any worthwhile benefit, pass the NUC on.

Yes it does have a UK plug, It will need a 12-19v powers supply. I ran it happily from a 12V 5A linear power supply when using it as an end point.


Paul, I think I’ll hold off and see how my iMac fares for now. So far so good. Thanks for your responses and help!

Hi Paul

PM sent


Now Sold please lock