FS: intel NUC 7 [SOLD]

Bought in 2019
Was having problems with my ROON database…kept having to reload it.
Room community suspects bad RAM or SSD drive which of course could be replaced. I just said the Heck with it and bought a Nucleus.

What is the exact model of the NUC you wish to sell? Thank you.

That’s what they told me about my QNAP HS453DX, but nothing was found after a very thourough check by me and QNAP. It seems Roon has sometimes a bit of a temper.

Unfortunately you don’t live nearby. Thnx

Best regards,


Thank you for your reply.

I will take it if still available.

yea its avail.
im willing to split shipping of your choice?

Perfect. Fedex Ground or USPS Priority is my preference.

I’ll go with cheapest of the 2.

Guess will need your address?

Re: payment you do Venmo or Pay Pal?

I can mail out on weds this week

Paypal is preferred. I will pay the fee by adding it to the payment.

Hi If Rob decides not to take it, let me know.
Thanks Cliff

Ok my email for PayPal

[email removed by moderator]

Address to send it to?

To @thomas_clark1, don’t put your email address in posts. It’s food for spammers who cruise all forums. The mods will probably remove it. Use a PM for things like that.

Click on ‘Message’ to send a PM.


To @Rob_Rodier, for the same and other obvious reasons, do not put your address in post. Use a PM.


Still for sale?