FS: Intel NUC 7i5BNH 8 gb RAM 128 gb M.2 SSD with Current ROCK Installed [SOLD]

The Intel NUC 7iBNH is built around Intel’s 7th generation i5 CPU and is on Roon’s list of ROCK-supported hardware. It also allows for a 2.5" drive if you desire.

This NUC has 8 gb of RAM and a 128 gb M.2 SSD with a current copy of ROCK installed.

I am the original owner of this device which is in like-new condition.

I will ship it in Intel’s packaging with all accompanying literature and accessories.

Asking $300 + shipping.

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Perfect starter Roon Core setup at a great price.
Someone should be snapping this one up.

I agree and sold almost the same model in the UK a few weeks ago.
Everyone is complaining that they can’t get a NUC to run Rock on and this is an excellent candidate that will run multiple zones with some medium level DSP as well.

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This is from a system that I used to run in my work office. I no longer go to the office, so that system is surplus.

I will keep it for sale here for a little while and then move it to eBay (likely reimaged as a simple Linux system), but I would prefer to get it in the hands of someone who is looking to get started with ROCK in a hassle free way.


Hi Richard - looks good to me. Can you call me?

Hi Simon we are encouraged not to share our personal information.
It would be better to delete your post and send a message to the user as that will then be private


Tel number removed.
Best to send a message directly!


@Simon_Owen Please send me a message.

HI Richard - I thought I had - sorry - all a bit new to me. Yes I got your message - and only thing I wanted to know is do I need anything else for this to work. i.e. - is it wire;=less or do I need to hardwire?

I would prefer Paypal but can also use Venmo.


The NUC has been sold.

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