FS: Intel NUC 8i7 in Akasa Plato Fanless Case - ideal for ROCK

I have for sale an 8th generation Intel NUC with an i7 processor. It’s in a fanless case from Akasa - this is in the low profile Plato case which fits more easily into some hi fi racks. I’ve just switched myself - and my 8i7 in the Plato case has been running well.

The 8i7 is faster that the 7i7 in the nucleus plus - and until recently Roon said this was the best NUC they’d tested. It’s still among the best machines available for running ROCK.

This model has 32G of memory on two DIMM cards and a 250G Samsung 980 pro NVMe SSD. This is more disk and memory than you can use - you don’t need more than 8G memory or 128g SSD for Rock (unless your library is in the 100k+ region - in which case this memory is for you!).

It also comes with a brand new power supply from Simply NUC (Intel’s UK distributor)

Being fanless with SSDs it is completely silent. There is space in the case for an extra SSD, so if you’d like a Samsung 870 QVO SSD for media storage I’m happy to include for my purchase cost.

This is priced at £650 plus £20 shipping and the cost of an extra SSD if you want one. I’m not open to offers at the moment.

I’ve sold a few of these machine - and am very happy to help the new owner get it up and running (as I have with previous machines).

My preference is for a UK sale. Shipping these to the US is difficult (in the new case they don’t have the needed EMI certificates) - not sure about the EU.

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