FS: IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ with Pi3B+ Case and PSU

DigiamAmp + - £30

Power Adapter for DigiAmp+ - £22

Pi3b+ And digiAmp case Case. £50

The IQaudIO Pi-DigiAMP+ is the First HAT compliant Full-HD (192/24) HiFi quality DAC & up to 2x35w Class D amplifier for the Raspberry Pi.

Turn your Raspberry Pi into a standalone Hi-Fi system, use as the basis of a retro radio restoration, build a boom box, an in-car audio player or use as the basis of a kiosk / display solution.

You sure about that? These retail for about £30.

hello Martin

Thanks a lot for highlighting this …

I did not realise that the price has gone down that significantly… purchased this for £54 two years back…

will now reduce my price to reflect this…

Were you interested by any mean?


Hello. Is this still available? I am interested.

Yes still here

Are you in the U.K.?

No, I am in Seattle

Hello Joseph
Thanks again for the interest on the Pi -Digi Amp.
I’m happy to ship it over to Seattle if you can cover the shipping charges…
Please make me your best offer and we will go from there.



Thanks Jean. I am interested in the whole packege: Pi3 + Case and power adapter. Could you be kind enough to post a photo of all the components? Do you have any idea how much shipping will be? I will try to find an estimate.

Hello Joseph
Thanks again for your message…
The pictures are below…

@Joseph_Seefeldt, the pictures uploads / links are not working, you may wish to upload a new set.

Very good morning Joseph

I have some delivery estimates to the USA.

UPS : £35
FEDEX : £30
Parcel Force £30
TNT : £40



Thank you Jean. I have been a little distracted the past few days. I will be with you presently.