FS: KEF LS50 Speakers Black/Copper - MINT

New KEF LS50 bookshelf speakers in piano black with copper. Speakers are in perfect condition with no scratches or blemishes. Used infrequently but sound amazing. Selling as a pair. I am original owner.

$699. Buyer pays shipping (from N. California). Available for pick up.

I’m not really mr current affairs stateside, when it comes to speaker prices of gear I own, but I think the LS50 had comparable pricedrops last year over there? Over here a new pair goes for not that much of a premium on top of your asking price. Might be a little steep.

Fantastic speakers though.

Used LS50s identical to mine are consistently selling for $795 + shipping on eBay. I was trying to come in a bit lower. Basically half price from the new Meta version.

Maybe they’re more expensive in the US, we have the same with Schitt in Europe. Import tax, I guess. But they were going for pretty attractive prices. Still, you should be able to ask a fair price for current marketing value, and any potential buyer would not buy a cat in the bag. Never mind me, I’m Dutch :wink:

Okay. I lowered the price a bit. Now about $100 less than similar on eBay.