FS: Lampizator Amber 3 - newest edition / engine [SOLD]

Barely broken in DAC. Bought it from the north American dealer a month ago. Want to upgrade to a used Big 7 from the Poland factory. Just want to save the money on shipping my DAC to Poland and hence seeing if there is any interest here.

Why upgrade so soon?

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Suggestion: Lampiztor DACs come with a sheet detailing all features/aspects of the DAC. Upload the details so it’s clear to buyers exactly what they are buying.

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Upgrading. It’s a fantastic unit btw. I traded it in to a dealer in the us for a golden atlantic trp.

I think I just bought it. Know Colin?

How did you set it up with roon?

You bought it too? Nice!

Yea I bought mine from Colin. I haven’t received it yet. I will be using usb directly from my roon core

Based on the serial I think I bought your trade in.

I’m also waiting on speakers so I will be setting up in a couple weeks. Mind if I bump you then if I need help?

Oh nice! It’s a great unit. Of course happy to help. perfusionist.meyy@gmail.com