FS: Lampizator Atlantic DAC with two extra sets 4P1L tubes [SOLD]

3 year old Lampizator Atlantic DAC in flawless condition.
USB (amanero), AES/USB, BNC and SPDIF coax.
Two extra sets 4P1N tubes and two tube damping rings.
I can send pictures.
The dac resides in Tilburg, the Netherlands.
Price is 3250,- euro.
Pictures at https://www.marktplaats.nl/plaats/m1488624673/view

Is it the remote option?

If you mean the volume remote? No… it doesn’t have volume control nor any remote.

I noticed there was a remote option, I presume for switching inputs, I need a remote with a DAC as I utilise all the inputs

No worries, GLWTS

No, it doesn’t switch between inputs. To switch from USB to SPDIF you have to push the blue ring button at the front panel.
BTW: It has autoswitch between the different resolutions and between PCM and DSD.

Is it balanced? Any upgrades e.g. to the capacitors or clocks?

No it isn’t balanced and no upgrades.
pics: https://www.marktplaats.nl/plaats/m1488624673/view