FS: LFD NCSE Mk3 Integrated Amplifier [SOLD]

Cosmetically looks perfect and very low hours, I am the 1st owner.

Statement from designer Richard bews: “NCSE III has PSU capacitor upgrade and different speaker wiring (the earth wiring for the speaker uses a large silver conductor and copper). This produces a more powerful sound compared to the Mark II, but I still wanted to preserve the “nice” sound of the mark II within the new mark III.”–Richard Bews.

$3,999 negotiable.

More info can be found here: https://generubinaudio.com/shop/ols/products/lfd-ncse-mkii

Please note this amplifier is not equipped with a remote because Dr Bews is a minimalist.

What have you found that is better than this? I have tried several power amps to replace it since with a Mytek Manhattan dac/pre I don’t need an integrated amp any more.However Musical Fidelity and Bel Canto power amps have not been better than my 6 year old LFD NCSE MK2.

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I am currently using the Linn Klimax 500 Twin amplifier to match my Linn Klimax DSM/3, mainly for the cosmetic reason.

Although the Linn Twin amp costs almost twice as the LFD, sonically the LFD has an edge, personally I think.

Thanks for your response, your experience mirrors mine, seems like I am going to have to spend a lot to get anything better.

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Hi is this LFD NCSE still for sale??

Yes, it is.
Btw, my dealer offers me $4,300 if I get something else from him, but I have not decided.

I’m interested but curious about a couple things. Do we take messaging offline or how do things work given your offer of unit for sale?

Initial questions non-private are:

  1. Any cosmetic or operational issues at all? I’ve had a few LFD integrateds and years ago one of them had channel balance issue at very lowest volume level.

  2. Did you purchase the unit brand new?

  3. Do you have a double box for shipping?


Please see my answers inline.

Just passing thru here, but if you ship in a box that’s already been used, double boxed or not, the driver can even run over the package and most shipping firms will not cover the damage, insured or not.


@Slim_Fishguttz, @Richard_Moore1, I believe FedEx will honor the insurance if it is damaged during transit. To protect myself and Richard (if he decides to go for it), I will take pictures in and out before shipping.

But thanks for the tips.

From the Upscale Audio web site, which has fairly robust web sales -

OTOH, I’ve never had a sent package damaged nor ever received a damaged package from either shipper.

The real point is that if you are going to insure the package, but reuse an old box, then you might as well save the cost of the insurance.

Minding my own business now.:

Thanks @xxx.

@support, how can I mark the title as sold?

Done ( ten characters)

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Thanks @ged_hickman1.

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