FS: Linn Kilmax DS/3 Katalyst (Black)

I’m selling my beloved Klimax streamer. Excellent condition, no marks to casework. Katalyst warranty until Feb 2022. Original Linn packaging and includes Linn silver XLR cables 3mtr each.
I am selling due to reducing the box count in my system and I am looking for £7499. ( new £16000) Price Includes shipping UK, but outside UK PoA
Please message for further information and pics

Payment either through PayPal, or IBAN Transfer

Is it an original DS/3, or an upgrade from an earlier KDS?

Martin it is an earlier DS that was upgraded to katalyst in 2017

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It makes no difference. When the KDS gets updated the entire board is removed and replaced with a completely new one. There is absolutely zero difference between an upgraded DS and the current version.

I have upgraded my KDS/1 to /2 and then /3. Each time I watched my dealer open the unit and perform the upgrade. Unless one chooses the RENEW option the dealer is required to send the old board back to Linn.

You also get a five year warranty after upgrading, which is good. (I went from KDS/1 to /2 to /3).
The only slight physical difference, depending on year of original manufacture, is the position of the power switch, although this makes absolutely no difference sonically.


So - are you getting a new Organik? (have you had the chance to hear it?).

Or are we both keeping our fingers crossed for yet another upgrade board (realizing that even with an upgrade of the DAC to Organik it will still not be on the same level as the new one)?

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Sadly the new Organik box costs more than I’m prepared to pay! I’m certainly hoping there will be upgrade boards available at some point, although I have a niggling worry that they might never appear, which would give Linn an easier time of marketing gear - “KDS/M (old style) with Katalyst”, and “KDS/M (new style) with Organik.”
I have yet to hear the new version, but hope to do so at some point.


I very much doubt that Linn will offer Organik upgrades to ‘old style’ KDS/KDSM users.

Doing so would, IMO, cannibalise sales of the new KDSM.

That is why the rumor mill indicates 12-18 months.
The same rumor mill, funny enough, seems to “guarantee” there will be Organik boards for the Akurate range.
Go figure

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