FS: Lumin T3 + Teddy Pardo power supply

This is of course a very high quality combined streamer/DAC that is Roon Ready, has Qobuz and Tidal onboard, upsampling, Leedh volume control, and more besides.

The TP power supply (with the green light showing) makes a significant improvement, there is a linear power supply in the Lumin P1 that costs over £8,000. A T2 with the same TP power supply was sold here a few months ago. The T3 is apparently a major upgrade on the T2 with new architecture.

It is a very easy job to take out the TP and put in the original power supply, but it makes little sense. If so, please ask. Unlike the photos on the T2 item, I unsoldered the one connection needed rather than cut it and it can be quickly reattached. (This is all non-hazardous as it is done after unclipping the DC connector so the power supply is completely disconnected from the electronics.)

This was purchased new 4 months ago and the TP power supply only about a month ago. Total UK price was £4,770. I have all the Lumin packaging, and the power supply parts. The TP came in a nondescript box and will be properly packaged.