FS: MacMini M1 late 2020, 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD with HQPlayer Desktop v4 license (gift)

I think, the most is said in the topic. I’m selling an almost new MacMini M1 (march 2020) with 8GB RAM and 512GB SSD PLUS gift of the installed full license of HQPlayer Desktop Mac v4. It was my dedicated HQPlayer MacMini, so did nothing else than HQPlayer rendering.

MacMini will be delivered with AC cable and original Apple box, detached from my Apple account, but nothing else. It works complete headless. Apple warranty until 10.3.2022

I will sell the Mac for 799€ including shipping to Germany. The software is a gift. Shipping to EU is 16€, not selling outside EU or to UK.

Why are you selling? Just curious because I’m debating a MM M1 for HQP vs an Intel PC I have available. Just curious if you found the MM to be inadequate for HQP use.

I’m selling because I stop using HQPlayer. I don’t need anymore, I don’t want anymore. Beside that I think the M1 is one of the best machines for using HQPlayer.

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