FS: Michell Syncro / Origin Live / Technoweight / Goldring

For sale, the classic and stunningly beautiful Michell Syncro.

I’ve had this personally for around 14 years and it has been lovely. Recently the original motor died so I purchased and fitted an origin live kit. At the same time I replaced all the springs, the belt, and lubricated the main bearing.


  • origin live motor kit
  • Electronic speed adjustment
  • Rega RB250 modified with technoweight, both weights included
  • Cork mat
  • Michell record clamp
  • Goldring 1022 cartridge (works well, still plenty life in it).

There are a few marks on the old Perspex and the platter edge, none affect performance and please remember this turntable is nearly as old as me! It’s about 39 years old!

running well with some modern parts, a good arm, a great cart and ready to serve someone else!

£900 and no offers. This is cheaper than a standard unit on eBay, and this has multiple expensive upgrades.

collection only from Edinburgh im afraid.


Thats a great deal, good luck!

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Thank you!

It has served me well over the years and I only just modernised recently. I’d be lying if I said the new one was a big upgrade, it really isn’t!

If this post has been in 4 months time I would have bought it and got in the car to start driving up from South Wales.
Sadly I am all spent out at the moment as I have to actually pay for what I already bought.

Beautiful looking TT and hopefully you get a quick.

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It’s been with me 14 years, it’ll sell when it sells :slight_smile:

No rush

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