FS: Mutec REF-10 [SOLD]

I am simplifying my system and have decided to sell the REF-10 I purchased new in Feb of '18. It has a silver face plate and includes original packaging, owner’s manual, power cord, and a few BNC cables.

Sales within the US only.

Please PM me for price and questions if interested.

Hi do you still have the Mutec REF10 for sale? Just started looking. let me know Larry

Long Gone - sorry

For what it’s worth…if I were to do it again, I would forgo the external clocks and other gadgets (of which I had plenty) and make sure your server (your source) is as good as possible. My system went to a totally different level when I removed the clocks/re-clockers etc and bought a server from Pareto Audio. Larry (larry@paretoaudio.com) is a frequent contributor on Audiophile Style (his user name is lmitche) and he builds servers for folks based on their individual needs/desires. He loves music and knows computer audio inside and out.

Just my two cents.