FS: Octava uhd41-arc

I’m having a clearout hence the following is for sale… An Octava HD41ARC HDMI switch which supports 4 HDMI sources and converts the connected HDMI source audio to Optical Audio output. Built in EDID Management is configured with 2Ch PCM, 5.1 audio fields ensuring that the connected sources can output 5.1 audio when available even if your HDTV does not supported it. Thus allowing you to get optimal performance from your sound system via Optical Audio. The HD41ARC switch utilizes the latest switching technology to provide very Fast Switching.

The Octava 4x1 HDMI switch +ARC includes: 4 HDMI inputs, 4 Optical Audio inputs, 1 Optical Audio output, 1 HDMI output with ARC support.

2 years old, original cost £264, I’m open to reasonable offers +p&p.

Also selling on on Ebay click the link for full specifications [Ebay for Specs] & photos (OCTAVA UHD41-ARC | eBay)


Still available & I’m open to offers…