FS: Okto Research DAC 8 Pro + Cables [SOLD]

Offer here the outstanding multichannel DAC from Okto Research.
It is one of the few multichannel DACs that also supports DSD (up to DSD128), offers a more than decent KHV and comes with outstanding measurements (https://www.audiosciencereview.com/foru … -amp.7064/ ).
The DAC is very hard to come by (waited over eight months for the unit after ordering in December 2020 and currently it is not available for order) and cost me exactly 1219.68€.
The DAC is also remotely controllable with any remote control (configurable) and has a very well working auto standby function.
The printed manual and the ASIO driver for Windows I enclose of course.

Matching the DAC I also offer eight high quality XLR → RCA cables (Galileo 238 with Hicon RCA and XLR connectors).

As a bundle price I imagine 1250€.
Pickup and appraisal can be done in D-72510. Otherwise I will ship the DAC safely as a package.

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I’m very interested if you are willing to ship to the USA. My Dac8 Pro got hit with a power surge a couple weeks before Christmas and I’ve not heard back from Pavel at Okto about any options.

My Dac8 Pro got hit with a power surge a couple weeks before Christmas

Bummer dude. I got tired of power problems screwing with my gear and got a double-conversion online uninterruptible power supply. It’s great. No more problems. Even if you don’t need much battery backup the double-conversion process + small battery really evens out grid power fluctuations.

will buy and pay for shipping to USA.

Sorry, it’s already sold.

It’s best to ask the mods to close this thread as the item is sold.

@TheHammer could you have a look please, :pray:t4:

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Done sir!
Thank you for the heads up.