FS: Orchard Audio PecanPi Streamer [SOLD]

I’m selling my Orchard Audio PecanPi streamer. I’ve moved to an outboard DAC so have no need for this anymore.

I’ve enjoyed using it though - a nice integrated bit of kit. XLR and Phono are active at the same time so useful for dual output. Mint condition - this has lived in a rack.

I will ship this for free within the UK, or at cost to elsewhere in the world. This is useful if you’re in Europe, not so much if you’re in the US where you’d probably be better of buying new from Orchard.

Comes with original power supply and SD card with RoPieee XL on it. Costs about 450 UKP new with import duties.

Selling for 300 UKP.


I was searching for the PecanPi Dac board only, but as I live in France your offer may interest me :wink:
What would be your price with shipment to France ?

Fully insured Shipment to France is 25 UKP… I would have spent about 15 UKP on the free UK shipment, so I will ship to you for 10 UKP.


ok for me, 310 UKP !
How can we go forward ? can we continu on private emails ?

Yes sure - I will PM you.