FS: Portable, Battery Powered Raspberry Pi 4, Smarti Pi Touch Screen, With or Without Dragonfly Cobalt DAC [SOLD]

I am selling something else I don’t need. It is my portable, battery powered Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 2GB in a Smarti Pi Touch 2 Case with Raspberry Pi 7 inch Touch Screen. I use it as a WIFI portable Roon end-point around the house, but you could also connect it using ethernet.

I am selling it with or without the battery and with or without the AudioQuest Dragonfly Cobalt DAC. Included is a Flirc case I used before getting the screen. Also included, is a power supply for the RPi4 and, if you want the battery, a charger for the battery.

Price without the battery or Dragonfly Cobalt is US $100.00. With the battery and battery charger, price is US $140.00. Price including battery, charger, and Dragonfly Cobalt is US $300.00. If you want the Dragonfly Cobalt but not the battery, price is US $260.00.

I have had this unit about 2 years and it works well running RoPieeeXL. WIFI works well also, but would depend on your network. I make no guarantees. The battery is an Anker 25600mAh 5v battery. It will power this unit for several days.

Note: I will sell with or without the battery and Dragonfly DAC, but I will not sell them separately. If this doesn’t sell, I need to keep the battery and DAC.

This listing is continental US only and PayPal only. I will pay freight and seller fees. Buyer to pay any sales tax and buyer fees. Thanks for looking.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, this will work with Audirvana via UPnP and Apple Music via AirPlay, but the screen and screen controls only work with Roon.