FS: Project S2 DAC/Preamp (black) with ifi PSU. Mint condition [SOLD]

Hi, purchased for office use but with pandemic and working from home, I have not really had the chance to enjoy. Probably less than 5 hours of usage since I have my main headphone rig at home. Original packaging. Happy to send pictures if you are interested. Thanks! $350 obo

Hi, please send some photos.


Thank you.

I have 2 of the iFi power supplies from a couple of items I’ve had before. I’m interested in a MQA DAC and the ProJect seems to be a good entry level point.

Will you take $250 plus PayPal costs and shipping?



Thanks…I’ve turned down offers higher than that. The unit is in as-new condition and retails for $499.

Yes, I’m aware of the price. Sales have kind of bottomed out on them. Also, you’ve had it for sale for almost a month.

I’ll buy it today.


No thanks.

I’m still interested. Please shoot me a number just for the dac.


Did this ever sell?

Yes, sorry…I’ll update the post.

Hi, this is sold…thanks for all the interest. I can’t seem to figure out how to change the title…