FS: PS Audio Direct Stream DAC + Network Bridge II (Black - SR Red Fuses - Ship Anywhere) [SOLD]

Hello, fellow Roon Community,

I am offering a black PS Audio Direct Stream DAC in very good condition which I purchased as the first owner from an authorized dealer.

The Direct Stream DAC is equipped with the PS Audio Network Bridge II that can directly stream Roon (Roon Ready Certified Endpoint) or Tidal (including Masters), MQA, Spotify, Qobuz, VTuner. Just plug it in and select it as a playback zone.

The operating system and firmware of the Network Bridge II are up to date and replaced the original fuses with Synergistic Research Quantum Red fuses, which significantly improve the sound.

The original fuses, all accessories, and the original packaging are included.

The PS Audio Direct Stream DAC is in a class of its own and is appreciated for innovative technology, flexibility, and outstanding, almost analog-sounding playback.

It converts any input signal, both PCM and DSD, into a high sample rate, 20X, single-bit DSD signal. Using an FPGA instead of an off-the-shelf DAC chip provides immense processing power and allows one to download operating system updates as they are released.

I feed my Mal Valve Headamp 3 + Audeze LCD-3 (Pre-Fazor) with the PS Audio, which always puts a smile on my face. Certainly, one of the best DACs, especially in its price range.

Furthermore, thanks to the integrated preamplifier, the Direct Stream DAC can directly connect to active loudspeakers, and you can adjust its output power to suit sensitive amplifier/headphone combinations.

However, in recent years I added a lot of gear, like the U18t that I sold here to my collection and have decided to downsize a little.

Since I’m not a “reviewer” but just a music “listener” I’ve added a few links here.


With a few very small exceptions, the condition can be rated as very good to excellent. I take great care of all my equipment; don’t smoke, and we don’t have pets. In the case of the PS Audio, I didn’t even remove the protective film covering the black piano finish on the top. So, the new owner can look forward to a flawless appearance on the shelf.

However, the remote control has a visible scratch next to the stop button above the volume ring which happened when it was transported during a move. Furthermore, on the left edge of the Network Bridge II’s cover plate is a spot where the paint has chipped off a little (I received the card in this condition), as well as a slight abrasion/discoloration on the back wall. I have marked these spots on the photos once.

Of course, these do not affect the listening experience in the slightest and are also not visible on the shelf. I just state it clearly because I believe that honesty and respect for one’s counterpart in general and in this hobby, in particular, is a MUST.

Apart from this small cosmetic blemish, the PS Audio is in my opinion in excellent condition and complete.





Since I currently live in Japan, the collection is unfortunately not possible, but in return, I will pay half of the shipping costs and can also declare the package as a low value or as a gift.

A phone call to discuss the details is of course possible, often very amusing, and builds trust. It is important to me that the new owner buys the PS Audio with confidence, to which direct contact by phone contributes a lot. If you are interested in these TOTL DAC, just write a message and we will find a solution that satisfies both.

Looking forward to your PMs. :grinning:

Best regards from Japan,


Unfortunately, necessary because I am not a manufacturer or shop:
Due to EU law, the following conditions apply: This advertisement is a purchase contract from private to private according to § 13 BGB. The sale takes place with the exclusion of any warranty, guarantee, or return. According to § 447 BGB, the risk passes to the buyer when the goods are handed over to the shipping department. According to EU law, this addition must appear under every online advertisement, otherwise, the seller is liable for a whole year for the goods sold.

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