FS: PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated amp. [SOLD]

PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated amp. I’m selling it for $550 which includes shipping within the US. This retails for $799. This was my personal device and it happily pushed my Elac B6.2 bookshelf speakers nicely!. This amp pretty much does it all - phono pre-amp, bluetooth, built in DAC with USB and optical in, an extra analog input for cassette etc, and sub out. And it looks nice doing it. Perfect for a desktop.

Will come shipped in original box with power cable and remote.

More info on this unit can be found at PS Audio’s site -

$550 which includes shipping. Accepting paypal. PM for more info or to make an offer.

Quite interested.

Why are you selling it, out of curiosity?


Upgrade-itis really. And to be honest - as you may know - once you’re at a level where things sound great - you’re still looking to tweak. That’s me basically. I changed and went with a Schitt Jotunheim 2 with a Schitt Bifrost 2 and a NAD C268 amp. More or less more wires for the same basic results.

Utterly hilarious. I’m looking to simplify/downgrade/remove wires from my desktop rig which is a Jotunheim, Bifrost, and Emotiva power amp. I have to laugh about that irony for a while before I get back to you :slight_smile: