FS: PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated amp [SOLD]

I’m selling my PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated amp. Works great attached to a Raspberry Pi as a Roon end point :wink: It has USB and optical/TOSLink, line in, phono, and bluetooth.

It easily powers any bookshelf speakers you might have (I’ve used it with KEF Q300s, but it even drives my Monitor Audio Silver 300 floor standers pretty well). It’s a couple years old but in very nice shape. I don’t smoke and don’t have pets, and I take good care of my stuff.

Includes the Sprout, remote, power cable, and the very nice banana plug adapters it came with (regular banana plugs fit without issue), and its original box.

$400 + shipping from $20 depending on where you are and how fast you want it :wink:

Don’t balk at the price, this is a nice piece of kit. Extraordinarily musical sounding across the board.

I’ve got one with some ELAC Debut B6.2s and can’t recommend it enough.

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Sold, this thread can be closed.