FS: Raspberry Pi 3b w/ Hifiberry Digi+Pro, Custom Steel Case, Header Mod [SOLD]

Raspberry Pi 3b with Hifiberrg Digi+Pro with header soldered with Cardas Silver solder and 2.1mm DC jack for use with External Power Supply and Hifiberry Steel Case customized to match Schiit audio products.

I can flash DietPi or Volumio onto the SD so it is completely plug and play upon arrival.

$100 + shipping

Includes 16gb Sandisk MicroSD and Official Raspberry Pi Universal SMPS with Adapters

Willing to separate components:
Raspberry Pi 3b: $25
Digi+Pro & Header/DC Jack: $45
Steel Case: $20
Raspberry Pi Universal SMPS w/ Adapters: $10

Nicely done. This is a good deal.