FS: Raspberry Pi 3B with 7" Touchscreen and HiFiBerry Amp2 [SOLD]

Raspberry Pi 3B with 7" Touchscreen and HiFiBerry Amp2 + PSU. SD card has HiFIBerry OS, but it works fine with Roon - though I can’t find how to rotate the screen 180 degrees - Ropieee works better, but I can’t be bothered to mess with it. Therefore, for DIYers and tinkerers :slight_smile:

120 Euro + 8 euro (DHL) postage… located in Frankfurt, Germany


Man, wish I was in EU. I’m in CONUS, and not going to bug you. But that’s a device I’d like (and I can’t find a Pi for love or $$ or €€).

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Good man. Hope you don’t sell to a speculator.

Hi Mike, did this sell?

Not yet :slightly_smiling_face:  

Mmm, 120€ was obviously too cheap! Let’s say 130€, and I’ll even install Ropieee on it.

Still frustrated at lack of sales. I’m in the US. You could get a bare 3B board for this price right now :slight_smile: tho some more boards are making it to market. Someone buy this before the price goes up again!

@mikeb I am interested in buying it for €130 + €8 transport (to Belgium).
You can sent me a PM to give more details.
Kind regards, Frank.

Item is now sold, thanks Frank.

@moderators please edit the title accordingly.

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