FS: Raspberry Pi/HiFiBerry Digi + Pro (assembled in metal case)

For sale - brand new assembled Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT. It’s in the metal case sold by HiFi Berry. Included is the memory card imaged with Ropieee.

Works perfectly - I was just trying it versus the Sonore ultraRendu, and I’m going with the Rendu.

Cost - $75 via PayPal.

Dan Herrmann

I want to buy your HiFiBerry. What’s next?

Hi Nate… Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

Fortunately it’s small, so it’s very easy to ship. Is PayPal OK for you?

Paypal is great.

Ok - PayPal e-mail to use is [moderated]. Will this be going to the USA? If not, I’ll need to see what the shipping fees are (shouldn’t be crazy - it’s small and light)

I’ll need your address (obviously :slight_smile: )

My info:

Aah - I see you’re in beautiful Utah. I was there twice in the last year for business up in SLC.


I have removed the personal information from your post. You can exchange this info with @Nate_Mansfield in a personal message if you’d like (click on his circular user icon and choose the blue Message button top right in the popup)/.