FS: Raspberry Pi/HiFiBerry Digi + Pro (assembled in metal case)

(Dan Herrmann) #1

For sale - brand new assembled Raspberry Pi with a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT. It’s in the metal case sold by HiFi Berry. Included is the memory card imaged with Ropieee.

Works perfectly - I was just trying it versus the Sonore ultraRendu, and I’m going with the Rendu.

Cost - $75 via PayPal.

Dan Herrmann

(Nate Mansfield) #2

I want to buy your HiFiBerry. What’s next?

(Dan Herrmann) #3

Hi Nate… Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

Fortunately it’s small, so it’s very easy to ship. Is PayPal OK for you?

(Nate Mansfield) #4

Paypal is great.

(Dan Herrmann) #5

Ok - PayPal e-mail to use is [moderated]. Will this be going to the USA? If not, I’ll need to see what the shipping fees are (shouldn’t be crazy - it’s small and light)

I’ll need your address (obviously :slight_smile: )

My info:

(Dan Herrmann) #6

Aah - I see you’re in beautiful Utah. I was there twice in the last year for business up in SLC.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #9


I have removed the personal information from your post. You can exchange this info with @Nate_Mansfield in a personal message if you’d like (click on his circular user icon and choose the blue Message button top right in the popup)/.