FS: SBooster BOTW ECO Linear Power Supply 12-13v


Sbooster Linear Power Supply.

Great condition.

The Sbooster Best of Two Worlds Power & Precision Mk II is a highly optimized, heavily shielded linear power supply with noise filtration. Available in multiple voltages, Sboosters are compatible with a wide variety of components. Now you can boost the performance of everything from a network switch to an Intel NUC to a Lumin streaming DAC to a Dr. Feikert Woodpecker turntable, and more. The improvement is often two-fold: not only do you give your chosen component a supply of clean, dynamic power, you take a switching power supply out of your system. This is especially true of network and computer components, which often come with a cheap & nasty PSU that injects high-frequency switching noise into the mains supply. This “wall wart” can pollute the sound of your entire system, not just the product it is connected to.

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