FS: Sennheiser HD800S (Upgraded from HD800) with MIT cables

Hi, was lucky to receive a pair of DCA Expanse for Christmas and hoping to find a good home for my HD800S. These were originally HD800’s and were upgraded with HD800S drivers (the only difference between S and original except for the headphone frame). Well cared for and never driven at high levels.

Included also are:

  1. Original Sennheiser XLR balanced cable
  2. Original Sennheiser 1/4 inch TRS cable
  3. MIT Vero Reference XLR cable
  4. MIT Boost dongle
  5. Original packaging

Asking $1000 obo. Very light use with upgraded ear pads…about 3.5 years new and in great condition

More pictures upon request. Thank you for looking.


Bump. Obo for quick sale!

Priced reduction: $800 obo

$750 obo motivated seller