FS: Small Green Computer CAPSZuma Music Server

Hello, all. I’ve built out a new i9-10900K music server and am now selling my old server. It was built by Small Green Computer in 2015 to the basic CAPSZuma design of Chris Connaker of computeraudiophile.com and includes the following:

i7 processor
16 Gb RAM
SOtM tx-USBhub PCIe USB card

The operating system on it now is Windows Server 2019, desktop experience, with Audiophile Optimizer 3.0 running on top of that.

The server is preloaded with:
RoonServer (bring your own license and music)
HQ Player desktop (same)
JRiver Media Center 26 (same)
Audiolense 6.7, for developing convolution filters (bring your own license)
Room EQ Wizard

I successfully used this server for 24/192 multichannel playback through Roon with Audiolense convolution filters, and for upscaling 24/192 stereo material to DSD128 through HQ Player with AL convolution and the ASDMEC7 modulator. So, it’s likely powerful enough for most Roon users. I managed it remotely via VNC Connect from any other PC or my iPhone.

Sleek and fanless, this is a great server and it needs a new home.

I originally paid $1,500, plus the license for WS2019 and for AO3.0. I am asking
$900 plus shipping, which we will figure out based on your locale and desired shipping method.

Cheers. JCR

Bumping back up for your consideration. Thanks. JCR