FS: Sonore microRendu + UpTone LPS-1 [Sold]

Sonore microRendu Ethernet>USB streamer (2.3 software), UpTone LPS-1 ultracap power supply with Meanwell energizing PS, DC4 cable to connect them, all in good working condition (feeding SU-1>Holo Spring KTE 3>Neurochrome HP-1). Total original price for the mR, LPS-1 and cable was US $1,175, accepting offers at or above US $550 including PayPal fees and shipping within the US. For an offer at or above $600, I’ll throw in a Blue Dragon USB cable (original price $75) and a Holo Titanis USB regenerator (original price $65).

Is this original 1.3 or upgrade 1.4 board?

Original 1.3, I did not have a need for the upgrade in my particular setup.

I get that but it may help buyers to know which one it is as there’s a pretty significant difference in SQ between the two.