FS: Sonore microRendu with the 1.4 board upgrade [Sold]

I am selling my Sonore microRendu. I sent it out this week on Monday to have the 1.4 board upgrade done. After I sent it out I decided to buy an ultraRendu. I received an email from Sonore today that my microRendu is done and is shipping back to me today. I should have it by Monday. I will include an iFi 9V power supply that came with the microRendu when I purchased it. The microRendu has the 2.5 software update as well. The unit was only three months old when I sent it in for the 1.4 update. The unit originally cost me $690 with the power supply. I then paid $235 for the 1.4 update so I have $925 in this. I am looking to sell it for SOLD. Shipping will be another $15 and I will pay the PayPal fees. Please don’t send me messages asking me to compare the ultra to the micro. I have never heard the ultra. I bought it sight unseen. I will not be able to ship out the microRendu until next week after I received it back from Sonore.

What does the 1.4 board upgrade actually accomplish?

There is a site called Computer Audiophile where Jesus from Sonore is quite active. This was taken from one of his posts about the 1.4 update:

While the microRendu is truly an amazing device as is we could not help asking ourselves if there was room for improvement within it’s tiny enclosure.

I’m happy to announce that we are making available a hardware update for the microRendu series. This update is a revision to the original microRendu’s main board updating it from from version 1.3 to version 1.4. The new version 1.4 main board shares among other thing one of the key components in the upcoming ultraRendu. The update changes the oscillator utilized for the CPU and the USB regenerative circuit while the remaining circuit design remains unchanged.

It’s my understanding that Sonore will not be selling new microRendu’s with the 1.4 board upgrade and that the only way to get one is to go the upgrade route. If you want more info I suggest you check out the CA site.

I will take this if it is still available. Thanks!