FS: SOtM sMS-200Ultra (upgraded) and sPS-500 Power Supply [Sold]

Like New. Asking £1400 (GBP) for both including shipping within UK. Both are in mint condition and in original packaging. Not looking to split sell.

The sMS-200Ultra is fully kitted with 12v upgrade (considered to sound better than 9v), BNC clock output, and includes a D-Link Switch with BNC input for clock sync with the sMS-200Ultra.

The new sPS-500 works beautifully with the sMS-200Ultra, and is considered an even better supply than the UpTone UltraCap LPS-1.

Received new in late July, retail for both is £1984 (sMS-200Ultra - 1200, sPS-500 - 550, Clock Upgrade - 234).

Including a free iFi power supply for the switch and IsoTek EVO3 for the sPS-500.