FS: SOtM tX-USBultra 9v with 50ohm master clock input [SOLD]

Selling my TX-USBUltra as I’ve upgraded to the Innuos Phoenix.

Approximately 2 years old. Perfect condition and have the original box and power supply for it. Though you really want to pair this with a better power supply such as an LPS-1/LPS-1.2 or Farad etc as it really scales with a great linear PSU.

It’s the standard 9v unit with the 50 ohm clock connector. i.e. not the tricked out SE model.

I also have an SoTM SPS-500 that I could include as an optional extra. The SPS-500 doesn’t have it’s original box and comes as it is. Unit and DC cable (Ghent silver JSSG I think) to connect it to the TX-USBUltra.

The TX-USB-Ultra was £1200, so I’m looking for £750. Can do the TX & SPS-500 for £1000.

I’ll pay PayPal fees and shipping. Europe much preferred please.

Let me know if there are any questions.

Thanks for looking


PRICE DROP £700 ($870) for TX, £950 ($1182) for TX & SPS-500

Thanks for looking