FS: SOtM Ultra Trifecta plus Accessories [SOLD]

Hi there,

I am selling my SOtM streaming equipment in a bundle as described below.

SOtM sMS-200Ultra Streamer (capacitor upgraded to NEO standard by Magna HIFI in Holland, original capacitor included in box)

SOtM sPS-500 Power Supply (DC ‘Y’ type cable included to power both the sMS-200Ultra and tX-USBultra)

SOtM tX-USBultra USB Regenerator

Included in sale are an Audioquest Carbon USB TypeA- USB TypeB 0.75m cable and an Audioquest Jitterbug.

All items are in perfect working order and condition. See pictures below. I can provide more upon request.

Combined price brand new is around €3750

I am asking €2000 for the lot plus I will cover postage costs to UK / Europe / US or Australia

Any questions, feel free to ask!



Hi there - is this roon ready?

Hey, yep 100%. I used the equipment exclusively with Roon.

Bumped! Price reduced to €2000 before I put items onto ebay


how old are the units; did you buy them new in USA?

is the external clock option installed; 50 or 75 Ohm?

Price unclear; you wrote 2 days ago, price reduced, but in the description there is the same price.

How much would cost to ship to switzerland (Fedex). So what is the total cost.

Hi Pablo,

The units are 2 years old, purchased new in Europe. There is no external clock installed although this can be done quite easily should you wish.

Price is reduced to €2000 (i changed the price in the main ad to match) and i will pay for the shipping costs to Switzerland myself.

thx for the fast answer. how is the adaption for external clock done, and what is the cost for the work? may i ask what are taking for streaming instead?

I would really recommend Magna Hifi for any work done to your devices, I was nervous sending mine to Holland that it might be damaged in transit or not looked after but Jos who i dealt with was most professional and had the device back to me within a couple of days and in the same condition it left in.

I am not sure of the cost exactly, if you like i could speak with Jos and ask for a quote?

As for how i stream now, i am using a nice pair of active speakers with streamers built in. I will admit that the sound quality since i disconnected the SOtM gear has been significantly reduced but at the moment, the simplicity of the ‘all in one box’ actives are suiting me.

thx. please do ask about the external clock. at the moment it is not planned, but perhaps in the future. I have to calculate the taxes in CH. It will be round 200 sFr. ; will check.