FS: Topping D90 MQA / D70s / A90 [SOLD]

I was a little trigger happy and ordered one too many topping stacks from Apos without reading the fine print that returns in the 45 day window incurred a 20% charge. And as a result would like to sell one of my two stacks, both are amazing so don’t particularly mind which one goes. If money/space weren’t a concern I’d keep both, but I’d like to purchase an RME ADI-2 DAC FS as I need a device with EQ to work with my TV. I’d happily trade for one if someone is in the opposite position and doesn’t require the EQ but wants the best performance that money can buy. All devices are in perfect condition and come with all original materials / boxes etc. I can post photos if needed, but they look just like the stock photos, they are all black versions.

I’m listing both as I don’t know which there is more demand for, its worth noting that the D90 MQA is generally out of stock due to the AKM fire.

All prices in $ CAD

D90 MQA / A90 + 1.5 ft balanced cables, purchased in Feb 2021. (Total price including taxes/shipping/duty were 1130+750+20=$1900)
D70s / A90 + 1.5 ft balanced cables, purchased in March 2021. (Total price including taxes/shipping/duty were 974+750+20=$1744)

Both A90’s are from Apos and would still be covered by their two year transferable warranty**, as is the D70s. The D90 was purchased via amazon. Technically I could return the second stack (D70s/A90) to Apos as they were purchased less than 45 days ago but would get a 20% charge (didn’t read that fine print).

Selling one of the stacks, including shipping inside Canada for

D90/A90 stack for $1700
D70s/A90 stack for $1550

Thats > 10% off purchase price for a 1-2 month old stack BTW.

Ps. I’d be willing to ship to the US, but couldn’t guarantee there wouldn’t be duties as the postal service seems to arbitrarily charge things coming in from the US.

Links to info about devices if you aren’t familiar with them

** Apos Audio 2nd Year Transferable Warranty | Apos Audio Help Center

Alternatively I guess if someone just wants a DAC or HP Amp these could be purchased separately. So I’ve got an A90 and either a D70s or D90 MQA for sale.

Let’s say (All in CAD), including shipping in Canada.

A90*** - $750 → $675
D90 MQA** - $1130 → $1015
D70s*** - $974 → $875

** 10 Months left on Warranty, also this is out of stock due to the AKM fire.
*** 23 Months left on Warranty.

Went out on a limb and ordered an RME, going to simplify my setup so in the end doing a big clean out. A lot of work to cross post everything so here’s a link to updated details on ASR.

Throwing in XLR cables + Chromecast audio if someone buys amp/dac combo.

How do you like the RME over the D90? I’m looking into the RME as well.


Head and shoulders above anything Topping has done. Headphone amp has far more power than I need and the DAC has oodles of great features.

Silly things like standby power usage show they have actually thought about everything when designing an amazing product.

D90 - 2.4W
RME - 0.1W

Ps. I got mine from https://www.rme-shop.com/ Rene was amazing to deal with and even with shipping/duty it was cheaper than anything I could find in the US/Canada.