FS: Topping G5 Portable DAC/Amplifier [SOLD]

Topping G5 Portable DAC/Amplifier

Topping G5 Headphone Amplifier Portable ES9068AS DAC & Amp LDAC Hi-res Audio Support up to DSD512 768kHz

From: 16.08.2022 (The orginal Invoice will be included)

Price: 195 EURO + shipment (DHL) - EU

I just bought one of these to replace my iFi HipDac! DOH! Any reason why you are selling it? I have only listened to my G5 for less than an hour…def sounds more transparent than the iFi and better treble (less warm/rolled off than the iFi) response…bass pretty similar weight, but tighter less mids bleed w/the G5 vs. the HipDac…I wanted something portable, but didn’t want to spend the bucks on the Mojo2…so anything you hated about the G5 I should know about! :smile:

@Douglasmaurer - Absolutely not. This a great device. The ONLY reason for selling is reducing the number of devises that I have. I am going to buy a Roon Ready DAC.

Have a nice WE :slight_smile:

Many thanks, Torben!