FS: Two Power Cables

I do not have more information about these. I’ve had them for a while.

One is approx 4 ft with smooth rubber jacket. It has a bare copper plug which is marked “audio grade”. The plug has a couple of hairline cracks which I don’t think are anything to worry about.

The other is just short of 5 ft with a tech flex jacket. A couple of paint spots from a rogue painter :nono:.

A bargain given the lack of provenance at $35 per cable, $60 for both. Shipping in medium flat rate priority mail box at $15.50, anywhere in the U.S., for one or both assuming both would fit. I still need to pick up a few of those boxes. Worst case would be a large flat rate box at $21.90. Paypal is on me.

Photos here: Two Power Cables - ~4 ft and ~5ft

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