FS: UK - Lumin D2 (with SBooster)

For sale is my much loved Lumin D2 with SBooster upgrade, all in excellent condition and working perfectly. As with all Lumin gear, the D2 is completely rock solid with Roon and the firmware continues to receive updates as needed. It’s a great sounding streamer, well supported on this forum, and this one also benefits from the SBooster upgrade (search the forum for users’ impressions).

Supplied along with the SBooster - note that the upgrade removes the original SMPS and disables the original power switch (simply use the switch on the SBooster, ensuring that it is turned off when plugging in).

£1100 + shipping, paid via PayPal friends and family, UK only please. Note that the SBooster and D2 will be sent as 2 separate parcels due to their size/weight. Both are in their original packaging and the D2 is double-boxed.

Edit: I’ve taken some better pics to illustrate and dropped the price a little for Christmas :slight_smile: .

Given potential eBay selling fees, if I go that route, I’m going to offer a price drop to £1000 - treat yourself to the Christmas present you wanted but never received :grinning:

Sale now moved to eBay - grab yourself a bargain!

Surprisingly (to me at least), this didn’t sell on eBay - I might also consider a swap for a U2 mini if it’s of interest to anyone, depending on how we’d work the practicalities.