FS: UK - Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 mint condition [SOLD]

I have decided to move from a speaker based system to a head-fi setup.

As such I have some items I’m selling to fund this escapade.

First on the list is this very special amplifier with super impressive builtin room correction smarts.

I am it’s first owner and it was purchased in August 2022.

It’s in mint condition and comes in it’s original packaging and with all accessories.

These sell new for £1995. I am looking for £1500 paid by PayPal only.

It will be shipped fully insured and packaged very securely.

Happy to post some pictures if I get any interest :slight_smile:

Forgot to mention that it is also an excellent streaming solution which is Roon Ready, has Tidal Connect, Spotify Connect and more built in.

Makes integrating a subwoofer super easy and sounds brilliant!

Darko highly rated it and his review is worth a watch.

This has sold elsewhere.

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