FS: Various - Vandersteen, KEF, Q Acoustics, Audioquest

UPDATED!! (again)
I have some great gear that isn’t being used in the new home! Love to unload to a good “family”!
All purchased new, single owner, smoke/pet free home! All in perfect working order … all speakers in original boxes!
Willing to ship to continental USA only; local pickup an option too (Tacoma, WA). Pay via PayPal or Venmo.

  1. Vandersteen VCC-2 Center Channel Speaker: $900 (purchased Oct 20 and used 3 mos!)
  2. KEF Q50a Atmos Speakers (2 pair): $300 per pair (4/20)
  3. Tellurium Q Black II speaker cable (5.0 surround sound lengths, 30 meters total): $800 (7/20)
  4. Audioquest Thunder Power Cable 1M: $500 (10/20)


A nice collection of gear for sale. You may wish to say where you are located so someone will know where a local pickup can be made.

Thanks Paul! Great point! I live in Tacoma, WA!

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Updated to indicate what I am willing to ship to continental US; Vandys Ici sold, VLRs and Zu’s pending.

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Updated again with what is left! Willing to ship any of this to anywhere in continental USA!