FS: Vivid Oval 1.5 speakers [SOLD]

It’s a world-class two-way loudspeaker, with obscene speed and transparency, and an ability to resolve the finest recorded details, that would be laudable even at twice the price,” says Hans Wetzel of SoundStage Network. "Vivid Audio has come up with a product that’s as good as the very best in the class," says WhatHiFi! In my system as described, the V1.5 is the best two-way speaker I have heard, as well as the best speaker under $10,000/pair," says Stereophile magazine.

You may now own this unique-looking and fabulous sounding speaker in bespoke Oyster finish (upgraded color in gray) and experience the magic of Vivid speaker technology. I am the second owner of this highly lauded speaker, which is in terrific condition. I am moving to another Vivid speaker, as I love their house sound. The speakers will be shipped in their original shipping crates (heavy) with spikes.

For sale for $3750 plus shipping.

See my ad on Audiogon (here) or send me a message.