FS: VPI Turntable - Upgraded Scout Master with Lehmann decade phono preamp and more [SOLD]

With a heavy heart, I have decided to sell my amazing VPI turntable. My listening is mostly digital (As you know, my goal is get my “digital sound" as close to “analog sound” and have been quite successful at it so far) and I find myself using the turntable less than 5% of the time. Hence this sale.

To see it in action, check out my video (My old setup)

So here are the details:

Bought this 8 months ago from VPI Direct. It’s a combination of the VPI Scout master and VPI Prime and was completely rebuilt. It has the upgraded 300 RPM Prime Motor, prime platter and bearing, JMW 9” 3d tone arm, VPI Slip mat and upgraded feet. The chassis is amazing and heavy!

Cartridge: The Cartridge is a Moving Coil Ortofon Black Quintet and it was professionally mounted/ installed by Micheal Trei in NYC. This is an awesome mid-level cartridge that has a very refined tonal balance and great energy at the top end.

Phone Preamp: Lehmann audio 2 chassis decade preamp. Absolutely phenomenal phono stage that won the best award in 2015 and has a wonderful spacious 3 dimensional sound.

Cover: I will also include a Ginkgo audio turntable dust cover custom made for this gorgeous unit.

Costs:Total: 5800.

I am selling it for $3850. For the price I will also include about 20 to 25 LPs. I have the original boxes for everything.

Prefer to sell to someone in MA who can listen to the setup and pick up if interested. But also open to the possibility of shipping.