Full audio support for Android remote

Is there a stumbling block in developing full audio support for Andriod OS? I already see full audio support in iOS, i.e, bit perfect PCM and DoP DSD when connected to external USB DAC. This has been in the back burner for a long time. It’s time to get it done.

There are many Android music players out there already able to bypass Android internal SRC and pass bit perfect audio.


This seems to be a MAJOR omission from ROON.
As a new user, their ability to add this feature will help decide if I repurchase.
Odd’s are ROON can’t charge a fee from each of these android manufacturers, so VERY unlikely it’ll ever be added.

+1 for this request.

Roon auto down-convert when the Remote is an Android device but since you can plug any DAC to your Android device, it should be an option to down-convert or not.

Further more, it will be great if Roon is able to bypass Android internal system.