Fully Customizable Sidebar

I’d like a fully customizable Sidebar, like the bookmarks bar in most web browsers.

I’d like to be able to:

  • Change the order
  • Remove any of the items
  • Rename any items, including headings
  • Add and remove headings and dividers
  • Drag pages that I use frequently into the Sidebar. For example: the Discover page, Tidal/Genres/Americana, or an Artist page.
  • Add my most used Bookmarks to the Sidebar.
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It would also be really cool if you could save a Search to the Sidebar.

+1 to this suggestion. I would love to be able to pin bookmarks to the sidebar!

This is one of my most wished-for features and I agree that the full feature as suggested by Nick would be best in order to offer maximum flexibility but as a placeholder, an interim step until a “fully customised sidebar” could be implemented, I would at least like to see the ability to simply hide those elements in the side bar that I never use which I assume would take less developer resource to implement so might be able to get into an earlier release. For me this would be useful because it would mean that on my iPad I could reduce the number of items on the side bar so that I could see everything I used without scrolling. It would also be useful on my iPhone.

start with playlist-folders

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