Future HDMI metadata or image output on Nucleus+

Does Roon have any development in the works for displaying information via the HDMI output. Video, Still images or other?

Hi @Stewart_Barnett,

Roon do not comment on their development projects, however, given past statements re supporting a GUI on Linux I’d say this is highly unlikely to happen.

There are some alternative options however, check out …

@Suedkiez - true, the full UI is not on the table, but, in the same post…

Things on the table (but not yet committed to):

  • something shown on the HDMI (chromecast UI?)
  • HDMI CEC support


I stand by the HDMI feature as offered by the MacMini.

I eventually replaced the Nucleus (mesh issue) with a Mini as my core. The Mini is used and cost less than a third as much as the Nucleus. And yet, stripped down, loaded with my core, it has played at least as well as the Nucleus for two years now. And I have the full software display on a 65" Sony controlled by an Apple wireless keyboard and trackpad. Roon 2.0 and 5.1.

I still don’t understand why a Nucleus can’t display this feature.

It is a delight! If the used Mini craps out, I will buy another. Price, Performance. And features!

Because there are different goals for RoonOS, I suppose

Thank you for taking the time to comment.

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