Future Integration with Savant [Feature Request]

Our company is shifting to being a Savant first dealer due to their Alexa integration. I spoke with a Savant rep friday who used Roon at home and he didn’t know of any collaboration between the two companies. Is this being explored on Roon’s end? We have been seeing a real uptick in quality from Savant especially since Robert Madonna took the company back over.

Hi @Joseph_Harris,

Welcome to the forum! At this time, Roon only supports Crestron and Control4, so adding Savant is a feature request at this time.

You mentioned being a Savant dealer, are you a Roon dealer as well? Do you use any of our current C4/Crestron Home Automation modules?

We are a Roon dealer and are currently adding Nucleus to two of our current projects. One will use the C4 Home Automation module and we are happy so far but the other client loves Savant and has 2 homes on it. We will be looking into bluesound for solutions in the Savant system. He has a Wisdom speakers and is looking for a step up from Tidal so Roon was our next logical step. Savant is making a major come back for us and a feature request is something I will submit.

Thanks for the welcome to the forums, I’ve been lurking for a while and figured I’d just get that first post out of the way. I appreciate how active the Roon team is on here.

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I would second this feature request.

Appreciate that Savant probably wants to push their own hardware and integration, but it’s incongruous that arguably the best home automation system on the market doesn’t work with Roon.

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Hi @Joseph_Harris / @David_Huntington,

Thanks for the feedback here! I can’t make any promises regarding future CI integrations with Roon, but we greatly appreciate the feedback!

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+1 for Savant integration please. Savant IP audio is a great solution.

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+1 on the savant integration. Getting my Nucleus installed on Monday and using a mix of Sonos and BluSound devices around the house woudl be nice to be able to integrate with Savant audio.

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