FYI: Logitech Media Server integrating Spotify with local music library

The latest version of Logitech Media Server is trying to integrate Spotify into the local music library. While not supported by Spotify, this demostrates it’s doable…

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Not for the tight / seamless integration that is required for Roon.

Well, it combines tour local artists and albums with the artists and albums found on Spotify to a single library, as well as your playlists. It’s a start…

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Not for the level that Roon needs. If done that way it, that integration would always be lesser to Qobuz and Tidal integrations and basic functions, would not work the same at all; leading in all probability to people complaining about the differences.

I’m not convinced folk would complain. Spotify has no interest in integrating so going this route would give people what’s possible, no different to any other app that can’t integrate beyond what Spotify is happy to accommodate. Roon should accept that sometimes it can’t do much more than act as a transport. That’s ok, it’s still the gateway to music playback throughout my home. By refusing to compromise with regards to services like Spotify they relegate themselves to ‘dad’s stereo’ in turn limiting product appeal and penetration. My wife uses Spotify, I mention Roon and she just rolls her eyes.

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