Galaxy S8 room app keyboard issue

I am having no joy getting my phone keyboard to stay in place to type anything in.
I can see others have had the problem but not how to solve it
Android version 7

Roon version 4 build 298

Solution in both of those threads! :grinning:

@support, this will probably keep coming up so definitely something to fix since Samsung sells the most Android phones! The workaround works, but it is annoying since Roon is the only app I (we?) have had this problem with.

on my phone I have to go to settings Display NavigationBar and toggle off Show and Hide button while I am using Roon app.

Great to know when the App is fixed but as a work around it works for me
Thanks so much for suggesting it.


I am new Roon user just getting to grips with it. This bug is a major pain for me. Roon still does not support its app being used in full screen mode with a Samsung S8+. Can this please be fixed? For some reason I keep touching the button to make the app fill the screen, and from then on I cannot use the on-screen keyboard. I then have to go back to Settings and disable full screen mode for Roon. No other app I have used has this problem!