Gallery to display TXT files and other types

Currently, the Gallery appears limited to images and PDFs. The Gallery should be expanded to include other file types located in album folders. At the very least, plain TXT files should be accessible from the Gallery so that log files, DR files, etc., can be viewed within Roon.


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How hard would it be to extend the album art/liner notes coverage to include .txt files as well as .pdf files? I have thousands of .txt files as liner notes for live bootlegs, etc. Is this easy? Hard?

I moved your topic to the existing thread on the same subject, so it is easier for Roon devs to monitor demand.

I am new to Roon but have been streaming music via Squeezeboxes for over 10 years. I have lots of info.txt and pdf files in my music library so this feature would be very useful. I guess that’s a +1