Galvanic isolation from router to endpoint

I’ve watched a few of Mr. Beekhuyzen’s videos, and came away dazed and confused. He seems to be right about some things, wrong about others, and incoherent about still a third group. I wonder if he’s reading a script someone else wrote?

Kind of reminds me of the ads Wilford Brimley used to do for oatmeal. I always wondered if he actually ate oatmeal, or if after he finished filming the ad, he went back to licking caviar off the back of a chorus girl and quaffing champagne to wash it down, while watching a horse race.

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He gets volunteerly gifts from his followers to keep his reviews independent.

Hmm, thats a business model i have seen before, also in the «believe» and «trust me» branch.

Well, that’s what happens when (i) one doesn’t believe in what one is saying; or (ii) one doesn’t have a clue about what one says. :smiley:

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for (ii) you must watch more of these movies and join the youtube channel. In the beginning some of these are very complex to understand, especially when you missed/ forgot basic background from previous videos. But when continuing watching these you will more and more understand the basic fundaments and you will quickly understand the new ones.

for (i) who believe sound quality is determined by the speakers and acoustics only, and ones and zeros are all the same, Enjoy your speakers.

Not sure why people are bringing up usb when he uses Ethernet. Never use usb going to a dac, always use Ethernet or i2s. Just like a few people pointed out, Ethernet cable is isolated but there are things you can do to make sure you are getting the best sound:

  1. Get a good cat7 or better cable with the better connections. I use audioquest top of the line but there are others.
  2. Once you buy the cable, have somebody hook it up to a fluke meter to make sure it’s built properly. Not sure if all cables are ‘signature’ tested at the factory, but we (not me but my fellow teammates in networking) used to build our own cables and you wouldn’t believe how many they had to reterminate.
  3. You could try using an Ethernet to fiber adopter, with a short run fiber cable, then go thru a fiber back to Ethernet adopter between the wall and your dac. You will need 2 good Ethernet cables then.