Game music (so no meta data support Roon) -> How to best manage

I have a house full of players (raspberry PI’s RAAT, Node 2i’s, Airplay devices, Chromecast Audio etc.) that are all being played by Roon. I love the system. I have one challenge though: I have huge collection of Game Music that is not managed well by Roon as it’s unknown meta data. Now for most music players you can just simply use folder browsing to find and play this. I understood that Roon will never support this but are there any other options to make this collection integrate well with Roon? Any tips?

If they are official releases they may be recognised at some point. I only have three game soundtracks - Portal 2, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture and No Man’s Sky - but they’re all recognised.


Hi @Martin_de_Vries,

I’m also a big fan of game music! As Michael mentioned, for newer soundtracks, a lot of times we have data for these now and often they’ll be available for streaming from TIDAL or Qobuz. For older game music, there can definitely be some gaps in the data available.

We do pull data in from a variety of sources, including MusicBrainz, which anyone can edit and add to. If you’re interested, that might be an option that will help others too.

Ultimately, it depends on what kind of management you’re looking for. If you want to “categorize” them, you might try using Tags for this. If you have any questions about the specifics of what you’re trying to do just let me know!

Hi @dylan,

I have quite some music by “amateur” (scene) composers for example on MSX Music. Some MSX music I have is indeed categorized in Almbums with art but not all. That’s where your TAGS suggestion comes in very handy: Added/adding ROONALBUMTAG in the mp3’s and that works perfect. Thasnk you so much for the suggestion.

fair enough